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2 Feb, 2023

Turkish engineers developed it! The first domestic and national military engine was delivered #Tech #Technology #technews

The first domestic military engines with 400 horsepower produced by BMC Power, designed and developed by Turkish engineers, were delivered. The name of Turkey's first domestic mass-produced military land…

2 Feb, 2023

Investigation about Google from the Competition Board #Tech #Technology #technews

The Competition Board launched an investigation against Google on the grounds that it abused its dominant position in the market. According to the statement made by the institution, the…

1 Feb, 2023

Turkish engineers developed it! First domestic military engine delivery begins #Tech #Technology #technews

The TTZA, the first mass-produced domestic and national engine designed and developed by Turkish engineers and to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), has been made…

1 Feb, 2023

The best long-lasting and effective bagless vacuum cleaners for cleaning freaks #Tech #Technology #technews

Bagless vacuum cleaners rotate the air at high speeds with the cyclone technology, enabling the separation of solid particles and dust from the air. Suspended fine dust, pollen and…

31 Jan, 2023

The price has dropped to 1737 TL! An unmissable opportunity in the much-loved steam mop #Tech #Technology #technews

The secret of fast, practical and perfect cleaning is the steam mop. Steam mops, which add a new dimension to cleaning, allow you to make your living space sparkling…

30 Jan, 2023

The video of the famous YouTuber became the agenda on social media! Viewed tens of millions of times #Tech #Technology #technews

The last video of the famous YouTuber MrBeast, who has more than 130 million subscribers, became the agenda on social media. The famous YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy…

4 Dec, 2022

"Why haven’t I discovered this before?" practical kitchen utensils

Functional and practical products are always among our favorites. Because in our daily hustle and bustle, we need products that will solve our problems and get things done quickly.…

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